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Overview of the Orange Train Lahore Project

Orange Train Lahore

Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, is one of the cities in the world that is constantly on the move. It has a population of more than 10 million, making it a huge, crowded city. To cater to the needs of its citizens while providing ease to the traffic flow, the government started the Orange Train Lahore project, which was completed with an estimated cost of $1.3 billion.

We are writing this article to inform you about this remarkable project which has changed the city’s map. It has also provided a lot of ease to consumers, and it is estimated that millions of people use the orange train Lahore daily. Go through this article to understand the key features of the Orange Line train, its impact, and the technical aspects of the project.

Key Features of Orange Train Lahore

1). Route

The orange train Lahore route is 27.1 kilometers long, starting from Dera Gujran to Riwind. It covers almost all the prominent areas of the city, including markets, educational institutions, and commercial regions. It is a completely dedicated route and allows the users to go to their destinations without any traffic hassle.

2). Fast and Efficient

One of the primary purposes of starting the Orange Train Lahore project was to minimize the traveling time of people. This aim has been achieved successfully as citizens safely travel from one point to another without facing any delays. As we mentioned, it has a dedicated route, so there is no collision with road traffic.

3). Energy Efficient

Another remarkable feature of the orange train is its highly energy-efficient design. All the trains work with electricity so carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases are not emitted. So, it is entirely environmentally friendly and contributes towards green Lahore.

4). State-of-the-Art Stations

Not only has the government invested in the trains, but all stations also follow international standards. You will never find any hassle going up or down as escalators are there. The whole ticketing and token system is also quite efficient, helping the citizens quickly onboard.

5). Economic Impact

The Orange Train Lahore has not only facilitated those who use its services but has also generated many positive economic impacts. From its construction to getting operational, a large number of companies and people were employed, and they are respectably earning their bread and butter.

Impact on the Lahore City

The overall impact of Orange Train Lahore is quite good on the city. All those people using its services were on the roads before and had to use local transport options. But now they are using the Orange Line train, and the congestion on the roads has been minimized to a great extent.

The environmental impact is also exceptional as it uses electricity to run, decreasing the pollution in the city. With the long-standing bridges of Orange train Lahore, the city has also got beautiful scenery. You can take a look at the city and its many historical places from the top.

Technical Aspects of Orange Train Lahore

1). Electric Power

The Orange Line Train completely runs through the electricity, reducing the carbon footprints and other harmful gas emissions. It was crucial to design such kind of massive project so that it could run on electricity because Lahore city is already experiencing a high Air Quality Index (AQI).

2). Dedicated Route

The whole 27.1-kilometer orange train Lahore route is separate and doesn’t merge with other traffic at any point. Due to this, the passengers get to their destinations swiftly without facing traffic delays. Moreover, it has also reduced the chances of road accidents and other issues.

3). Advanced Signaling System

The Orange Train Lahore is equipped with an advanced signaling system. This has been done to ensure the safety of the passengers. The whole system of moving the orange trains is monitored to keep the buses at an appropriate distance from each other. This is why it’s been around three years, and there is no accident.

4). Smart Ticketing and Payment System

To streamline the passenger experience, the Orange Line management has introduced smart ticketing and payment systems. Passengers can use cards and even mobile apps to pay for their journeys, reducing the need for physical cash transactions.


In a nutshell, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Orange Train Lahore is no less than a blessing for consumers. People are getting safety, security, and ease of traveling from one place to another. Such huge infrastructures also produce positive economic impacts, which are now quite visible.

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