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Building Processes > Countering Bad Odour and Seepage Issues Through an Effective Sewerage System

Countering Bad Odour and Seepage Issues Through an Effective Sewerage System


Have you ever thought that why you feel the smell in your kitchen? Why do you see seepage or leakage on the roofs and walls? Why does the smell keep coming out of your attach washroom? You will be surprised to know that all this happens due to the poor sewerage system in your house. The sewerage system is quite crucial in building processes. It not only ensures the eradication of seepage and smell in your house but also imparts strength to the building.

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Here in this article, we will be guiding you through the whole process of sewerage. While constructing your house, you can take care of all these factors which we are going to mention. So just scroll down the page to get all the latest and updated information regarding the sewerage system.

What is Sewerage System?

The system which is used to take the used or wasted water out of your house to the drain line of the main street is called the sewerage system. It is built during the construction of the house and maintained through the pipes.

Ideal Time for Installing Sewerage System

After completing the excavation for the foundation, you have to pour damps on the floor and this is the most ideal time to start working on the sewerage system. Either you can install the pipes or sleeves for this purpose.

Sleeves are like pipe holes made of metallic or concrete material which is placed on the surface and you can enter the sewerage pipes in it later on. So they actually provide you with the space on the floor in the form of holes and you can install sewerage lines in it whenever you want.

How to Construct the Sewerage System

  • First of all, you must know the quality of the pipes which you are going to use. Here in Pakistan, you can use PPE, UPVC Class B, UPVC Class C, or HDPE pipes.
  • The pipes should be installed as per the flow of the water in a particular area. Like you should use a small pipe in a place where the water flow will be slow and a bigger pipe where the water flow will be fast.
  • The joints of the pipes are the points which are more vulnerable to leakage. So a lot of care should be taken here and the joints should not be at 90 degrees angle which can cause interruption to the water flow.
  • Manhole is the point which has considerable importance because this is the point from where you can do the inspection of the sewerage system. The manhole cover should be perforated so that foul gases can get out easily which will ultimately help in removing the bad odours in the house.

How to Protect Basin, Bath and Kitchen from Smell

There are two important factors here:

  • Venting in the Sewerage System
  • Placing traps in the Sewerage Pipes

Let us tell you a little about the traps. What are they and how you can use them to protect the building from the smell? Traps are placed in the water flow which restricts the gases and bad odour in the pipelines. There are different types of traps including P, Q, S, Gully or bottle design. They are placed at different points depending upon the requirement.  Like the bottle, trap is generally used in the basin.

In a similar way, appropriate venting in the sewerage system automatically lets the foul gases get out of the system.

Sewerage System on the First and Subsequent Floors

Although the procedure on the first and other floors is the same, there are a few points which you must keep in mind.

  • Never hide the pipes which are taking the water down under the walls. Any leakage in those pipes can become a challenging task for you to counter.
  • Install different pipes for rain or storm water and do not mix them with the washroom lines.

How to Inspect the Sewerage Lines

The simple method to check the sewerage lines is by keeping them full with water at regular intervals. In this way, you will come to know if there is any pipe damaged during the construction. You will also get to know about the water flow.

This process is quite critical because once the construction is completed, it becomes a gruesome task to tackle the issue of leakage in sewerage pipes.

Closing Remarks

We are hopeful that up till now you have come to know about the whole sewerage system. You can follow all these instructions to make your house free of any foul gases and bad odour.  Not only you can address the issue of leakage by making an efficient sewerage system but can also impart strength to the building. If you believe you have some confusion related to the sewerage system or any other construction process, you can contact us through our website tameereasy.com .

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