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Fire Detection Alarm System – Secure Your Houses from Fire Incidents


The fire alarm system is thought to be of considerable importance for any house or building. Many people spend millions of rupees on construction but do not pay enough attention to this crucial step. They often rely on this misconception that if there will be any fire in their house, they will detect it through smell. But there are chances that you might be sleeping or busy with something and could not judge or smell the smoke.

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On the other hand, the fire alarm system is the most feasible solution to this problem as it automatically provides you with early detection in such a situation. In this way, your house and assets remain safe from any emergency fire. So if you want to install a fire alarm system at your house, you must know all its technicalities. We are writing this article to provide you with relevant information about the fire alarm system.

fire detection alarm system

What is Fire Alarm System?

The fire alarm system is equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detector devices. So in case of any smoke, it automatically senses it and provides a signal to the master control panel. It further activates the fire alarm attached to it, immediately letting the people inside the building or house know about the fire.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems

There are two different types of fire alarm systems with different functionalities. Let us tell you about them:

Conventional System

The whole building is divided into different zones in a conventional fire alarm system. Like the first floor is Zone 1, and the second is Zone 2. In case of any fire emergency in any zone, the system detects it and shows the whole zone as alarming instead of the specific place where the fire is burning. After that, you need to visit the zone and manually find the point from where the fire started.

Addressable System

It is the updated and modern type of fire alarm system which almost works on the same principles but has some additional benefits. It highlights the same area where the fire incident happened in the whole building. On the master control panel, you can see where the fire erupted. In this way, you can prioritise that area and save yourself from huge losses.

Standards Followed in Installation of Fire Alarm System

The fire alarm is an ISO-certified system that follows international standards in all stages, like installation, design and service. American standard NFPA72 and European standard EN54 are the most commonly followed when designing, installing and servicing fire alarm systems.

Besides this, other countries are following their local standards, like in Pakistan, the ‘Building Code of Conduct’ is followed. Similarly, France, Germany and many other countries have also developed their standards which they are following in all phases of alarm systems.

Importance of Fire Alarm Systems in Buildings

  • An efficient alarm system helps you to avoid any kind of losses resulting due to fire incidents.
  • The alarm system has advanced sensors that identify the smoke and help you quickly respond.
  • The master control panel shows the accurate fire position so that you can address the affected area quickly.
  • The fire alarm system’s quick response provides you enough time to evacuate the building and take necessary action.

Prominent Reasons for Fire Incidents

  • Many electrical equipment have complex panels. Overheating and overloading them can often result in fire.
  • Sometimes short circuits happen due to faulty wiring, which can cause fire to start.
  • While baking ovens, some people forget to switch them off once the food is prepared.
  • Even heaters in houses can cause fire due to overheating.
  • Flammable liquids like thinner and petroleum products in houses can also start fires.

The best solution to avoid all these issues is to use quality electrical equipment and use a fire alarm system.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we can say that the alarm system is highly important for the safety of your house and other assets. In this article, we have provided you with all the relevant information related to the fire alarm system, and you can overlook the whole installation procedure. If you still have questions about the fire detection system or any other construction-related process, contact us through our website, tameereasy.com.

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