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Foundation – Do’s and Don’ts



  • Always hire an engineer to design the foundation.
  • Level the whole surface before starting the foundation.
  • Ensure good compaction on the surface and termite-proofing spray as well.
  • Always use first-class and fully-cooked bricks in the foundation.
  • Prepare bricks for the foundation at least two days before starting the work.
  • Use a mixture of sand and cement (mortar) for the foundation brickwork.
  • Make mortar in a quantity that can be used in 3-4 hours.

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  • Never start the foundation unless the surface is fully compacted.
  • During brickwork in the foundation, never put the empty side of the brick downwards.
  • Always ensure the contractor does not use uncooked bricks in the foundation.
  • Never disturb the 1:4 ratio of mortar in any case.
  • Never start the foundation process before checking the water level underneath using a water levelling instrument.

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