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Tips and Techniques – Brickwork


Brickwork is considered the essential part of the construction, without which the concept of building a house remains incomplete. Bricks are used to build all the walls and roofs, where they play the role of providing strength to the civil structure.

In most of the world, including Pakistan, brickwork is the most accepted way of constructing a house. Although this method involves multiple technicalities, you can make a perfect house by following different tips and techniques.

Top Tips and Techniques to Follow in Brickwork

Here are some of the best techniques which you must consider in every case while constructing a house. By following them, you will be able to use bricks best while building a strong house.

1. Start with a Strong Foundation

A solid and level foundation is essential for any brickwork project. Always ensure the foundation is strong enough to support the weight of the bricks and any additional load.

2. Plan the Layout before Starting the Work

Before you start laying the bricks, plan the structure layout carefully. This will ensure you have the correct number of bricks, shapes, and sizes to complete the project.

3. Use Quality Material

Always use quality bricks and mortar to ensure a strong and durable structure. Never compromise on the quality of the material for the sake of low cost. A durable house will save you a lot of money in the future.

4. Check for Level Regularly

Use a spirit level or line level to check that the bricks are level as you lay them. This will ensure that the finished structure is straight and level. In this way, all your walls will be constructed in proper symmetry.

5. Use the Right Tools

Use the right tools, including a trowel, a hammer, a spirit level, a line level and a jointer, to ensure that the bricks are laid correctly. Having these tools with you all the time will ensure efficiency in your work.

6. Use the Correct Mortar Mix

Make sure you use the right mix of mortar for the bricks you use. Use the correct cement, sand, and water ratio to ensure better brickwork.

7. Keep the Mortar Consistent

Ensure that the mortar is consistent throughout the project in the brickwork. This will help to keep the structure strong and stable.

8. Use the Correct Technique when Laying Bricks

When laying the bricks, use a technique known as “buttering” to apply the mortar to the end of the brick before placing it in position.

9. Use Spacers

Use spacers to ensure that the bricks are evenly spaced and that there is room for expansion. 

10. Finish the Joints

Finish the joints between the bricks with a trowel or jointer to ensure that they are neat and tidy. This will give the structure a professional finish.


In a nutshell, we can say that brickwork has immense importance in construction, and there should be no compromise over this process. We have mentioned multiple tips and techniques which you must follow during the brickwork to ensure a strong and aesthetic structure.

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