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How Should a 10-Marla House Design Look Like?

10 marla house design

Construction nowadays in Pakistan is quite expensive and technical as well. Sometimes, you have all the resources available, but a lack of plan, design, and technique leads you nowhere. To counter such a situation, it is important for you to have a complete design and budget estimate in mind.

When it comes to constructing a 10 marla house design, it becomes essential to keep a balance between aesthetics and functionality. In this blog post, we will guide you through the essential points to consider to make a solid structure with an incredible look under the 10 marla.

Understanding the 10-Marla Plot

The foremost thing you should know is the basic understanding of the 10-marla location. It offers around 250 square meters, which is quite an auspicious space to design a perfect house. So, first of all, have a detailed look at the dimensions, including the length and width of the plot, to better understand the 10 marla house design.

Design Considerations

Now that you have assessed the dimensions of your plot, another important point to look out for is design considerations. You can decide by checking your family size and expected growth in the coming years. You must also know what type of gatherings you have at your place and what are your architectural style preferences. The approved design should include the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Layout and Floor Plans

The layout of the 10 marla house design will be very important as it will decide the overall functionality and flow. You can search on the internet or explore options in nearby housing societies to finalize a layout that creates a sense of spaciousness and provides privacy and separation.

Exterior Design

The exterior of the house is something that is first visible to any visitor. So, you must pay special attention to this part. Select a design that reflects your style and harmonizes with your neighborhood. Explore the best materials, color schemes, and landscaping to give a perfect aesthetic view of the building processes.

Interior Design and Space Optimization

Although the 10 marla house design provides enough space, you should still look for the best interior design option that optimizes space. While designing rooms and lounges, you must consider all the storage, including furniture, electrical equipment, and other materials to be placed here.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Nowadays, when electricity is expensive and expenditures are sky-rocketed, you must follow energy efficiency techniques. While designing a 10-marla house in Pakistan, you should pay special attention to ventilation and light sources to keep your house open, airy, and bright.

Budgeting and Cost Consideration

With the dollar prices increasing and huge uncertainty in the country’s economy, you should get a 10 marla house design with the minimum cost. To ensure this, you can make cost-effective choices without compromising the house’s overall quality.

Case Studies and Examples

This is something that is thought to be quite important in construction. You can search out in your nearby areas where newly constructed 10 marla house designs are available to have a look. You can visit multiple buildings and get an overall idea about the design and cost to make you aligned with your budget.

Final Remarks

Designing a 10-marla house could be challenging due to the variety of house styles available in the market. It gets worse due to the changing material’s cost on a daily basis. But even in such a situation, you can end up getting the best output by doing a bit of planning considering your budget and design idea.

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