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3 Marla House Design Trends in Pakistan – An Overview

3 marla house design


Due to economic uncertainty in Pakistan, many people prefer constructing a 3-marla house design. Although this space is not that huge to accommodate all luxuries, following proper instructions can give you an ideal house where you and your family can live easily.

This blog contains information about the 3 marla house design trends in Pakistan. It provides information about the interior, exterior, and different design options. So, to acquire all this knowledge about a 3 marla house read it thoroughly.

Overview of Three Marla Houses

1). Definition & Dimensions

A 3 Marla house normally has an area of about 675 square feet. This tiny size makes it excellent for small families or people seeking a reasonable living area without sacrificing comfort.

2). Why Choose a 3-Marla House?

The key appeal is the blend of cost and functionality. With growing property prices, a 3 Marla house is a cost-effective solution for modern conveniences and elegant design.

Current Design Trends

1). Minimalist Design

The minimalist design movement emphasizes the principle of less being more. It prioritizes simplicity and functionality, removing extraneous clutter to create a clean and open environment.

2). Open Floor Plans

Nowadays, the open floor plan option is quite popular in the 3 marla house design. People prefer this design due to its friendly nature, as it lets natural light and air pass through easily. It also gives the house a wider and broader look.

3). Eco-Friendly Materials

Eco-friendliness is another option that is quite popular and viable. In this design, you can use bamboo flooring, non-toxic paints, and recyclable glass to avoid environmental degradation. You will also be able to build a house that fits your budget.

Exterior Design Trends

1). Modern Facades

Sleek and fashionable exteriors are in. Modern facades with clean lines, huge windows, and contemporary materials such as steel and glass offer a 3 Marla house a new and updated appearance.

2). Use of Natural Light

Maximizing natural light is essential in compact places. Large windows, skylights, and glass doors not only illuminate the interiors but also give the idea of extra space.

3). Outdoor Spaces

A tiny garden or terrace may make a significant difference even with a small area. Outdoor spaces offer a secluded escape while adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Interior Design Trends

1). Smart Storage Solutions

Regarding interior design trends, a few storage options in the 3 Marla house design are essential. They will give you a lot of space to put your multiple household items in one place while creating enough space for them.

2). Multifunctional Spaces

Multipurpose rooms are popular. Consider a living room that serves as a home office or a bedroom with a study corner.

3). Aesthetic Use of Colors

As 3 marla is not a huge space, choose the paint color that gives your house an overall wider look. You can use beige, white, or gray colors to give the house an auspicious appearance.

Materials and Finishes

1). Sustainable Materials

Using locally sourced and sustainable materials such as bamboo, repurposed wood, and stone can help lessen environmental impact while also adding a natural touch to the home.

2). Premium finishes.

Choosing high-quality finishes like as granite worktops, hardwood floors, and stainless steel fixtures can improve the appearance and feel of a 3 Marla home.

3). Local versus imported materials

Balancing cost and quality frequently entails deciding between local and imported components. While local materials may be less expensive, foreign ones can provide distinct aesthetics and durability.

Technological Integration

1). Smart Homes

Using smart technologies for lighting, security, and climate control can improve convenience and efficiency.

2). Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, and adequate insulation can drastically cut energy costs and environmental impact.

3). Security systems

Advanced security systems, such as CCTV cameras and smart locks, provide safety and peace of mind.

Space Optimization

1). Vertical Space Utilization

Tall cabinets, shelves, and lofts can help maximize storage and functionality.

2). Modular Furniture

Modular furniture that can be moved or folded away when not in use is ideal for tiny areas.

3). Built-In Storage

Built-in storage solutions, such as recessed shelves and hidden cabinets, help to keep the space tidy and organized.

Budget Considerations

1). Cost-effective Design Solutions

Finding economical yet stylish design alternatives, such as using laminate instead of hardwood, will help you stay within your budget.

2). Balancing Quality and Cost

It is critical to balance quality and cost, ensuring the materials and finishes chosen are long-lasting and visually appealing without breaking the budget.

3). DIY vs. Professional Help

While DIY projects might save money, engaging professionals for important jobs guarantees quality and longevity.

Cultural influences

1). Traditional Pakistani Elements

Incorporating traditional Pakistani design features, such as intricate wooden carvings and vivid textiles, provides cultural depth.

2). Modern Influences

Modern design elements give the area a fresh and updated appearance, making it feel contemporary and fashionable.

3). Balancing Tradition with Modernity

A balanced combination of ancient and modern components can result in a distinctive and personalized living area.

Future Trends

1). Predicted Design Evolutions.

Design trends are continuously changing. Keeping an eye on global trends can inspire future home ideas.

2). Impact of Technology

Technological advancements will continue to affect home design, making them smarter and more efficient.

3). Changing Lifestyle Preferences.

Design tastes evolve in tandem with changing lifestyles. Flexibility and agility in design will remain critical.

Challenges in 3 Marla House Design: Space Constraints.

Limited space necessitates innovative ways to improve functionality without sacrificing comfort.

1). Budget Limitations

Sticking to a budget while creating a stylish and functional design might be difficult.

2). Regulatory Issues

Navigating local building standards and regulations is critical for maintaining compliance and avoiding legal complications.


We hope that after reading this blog, you have a clear picture of a 3 marla house design in mind. All this information is useful if you construct a house in this capacity.

Feel free to visit our building processes page to learn more about the construction.


What are the proportions of a 3-Marla house?

A 3 Marla house normally measures roughly 675 square feet, making it a tiny but practical living place. 

What are some low-cost design options for a 3-Marla house?

Using low-cost materials such as laminate rather than hardwood, choosing modular furniture, and incorporating DIY projects can all assist to save costs.

How can I make the most of the space in my three-marla house?

adopting vertical space, including built-in storage, and adopting multifunctional furniture are all excellent strategies to maximize space.

What are the current design trends for 3-Marla houses in Pakistan?

The contemporary trends include minimalist design, open floor layouts, eco-friendly materials, and modern facades.

How can I include traditional Pakistani characteristics in a modern 3-Marla house design?

Balancing traditional components like beautiful woodwork and vivid textiles with modern design can result in a distinctive and culturally rich living space.

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