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Understanding Solar Plate Price in Pakistan – A Helpful Guide

Solar plate price in pakistan. the image shows different solar panels installed


The use of solar energy is becoming quite common in Pakistan. The primary reasons behind this shift are the country’s increasing electricity charges and load-shedding. The electricity cost has risen significantly and is expected to boom further due to the recent IMF agreement with the Pakistan government. In such circumstances, understanding solar plate price in Pakistan is essential to help you make an informed choice.

The solar energy market in Pakistan stood at 1.30 Gigawatts in 2024 and is expected to grow by 49.68% by 2029. Due to this anticipated increase and shift, many people are opting for solar panels for commercial and residential purposes. Solar energy is undoubtedly cheaper than government-supplied power and also empowers you during load-shedding.

In this comprehensive blog, we’ll try to provide you with information related to solar plate price in Pakistan. Most people get confused before solar installation at homes or offices due to the lack of information. If you are going to install a solar system at your property in the near future, it is advisable to read the blog by the end to get updated information about solar prices in Pakistan.

Why Should You Install a Solar System?

Pakistan has experienced huge economic uncertainty throughout its history. Regarding electricity generation, Pakistan has mainly relied on thermal production, which is quite an expensive method. In 2024, the country is entering into the IMF program, and to complete its requirements, the government will have to increase electricity prices.

It’s never too late. To counter the rising inflation and load-shedding in the country, it is highly advisable for everyone who can afford to go for solar plates. Right now, the solar panel prices in Pakistan are a bit down, which can go further at any time. Therefore, if you have the budget and are ready to spend money, installing solar panels for your home or office could be an incredible investment.

Top Solar Panel Companies in Pakistan

Solar plate price in Pakistan is quite dynamic and keep on changing with the relevant economic factors. Right now, there are a myriad of solar panel companies in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at the top ones which you can choose:

1). Longi Solar Panels in Pakistan

Longi is one of Pakistan’s top solar panel companies, offering the most efficient plates for electricity generation. Their panels are feasible for sound power generation and work effectively in diverse weather conditions. Longi is a Chinese company with a presence worldwide.

Longi offers an economical solar plate price in Pakistan, which is why the majority of people opt for this company. If you are interested in buying Longi solar panels, you can check the Longi Solar plate 150 watt price in Pakistan, the solar plate price in Pakistan 550 watt and others by clicking these links.

2). Jinko Solar Panels in Pakistan

Jinko Solar is another Chinese company in Pakistan that has recently remained highly successful. The company manufactures solar panels of different capacities and sizes, which you can choose from depending on your requirements. Their solar panels are also efficient for all types of weather conditions and produce amazing output.

Jinko solar panels can be used for residential and commercial purposes. The plates work efficiently everywhere, ensuring top performance. Visit their website for more information; make Jinko your priority for solar plates in Pakistan.

3). Canadian Solar Panels in Pakistan

Moving further, Canadian Solar is also another leading company offering you to buy solar panels in Pakistan. They also offer competitive solar plate price in Pakistan and sell all different types, including polycrystalline and monocrystalline. You can easily minimise your electricity bills using Canadian solar panels and counter the country’s increasing load-shedding.

They also offer different generation capacity solar plates, including 150-watt, 550-watt, and others. If you are planning to install a solar system on your property, you can also consider this company, and you will definitely meet all your requirements.

Factors Affecting Solar Plate Price in Pakistan

1). Material Quality and Efficiency

Solar plate price in Pakistan highly depends on the material quality and efficiency of the panel. Different companies use different materials and offer different efficiency in electricity generation. Therefore, the more efficient plates will be more expensive. It is advisable to select the plate that is more efficient but also cost-effective.

2). Capacity and Size of the Solar System

Another important factor is the capacity and size of the solar system. Large-sized solar systems with higher generation capacity are used for commercial purposes. Although at start the amount looks quite massive to you, it stays more efficient, cost-effective and cheaper in the sense of electricity consumption.

3). Warranty and Brand Reputation

One of the economy’s basic rules is that brands with good market reputations have higher prices. It doesn’t necessarily mean that other brands with not-that-mighty reputations are not feasible. You can either choose the best brand or the one that may be lesser known but uses good material in solar plates. Moreover, brands that offer warranties for their products have comparatively higher prices.

4). Government Policies and Subsidies

Recently, Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz started a scheme called the “Roshan Gharana Program.” This scheme involves providing solar panels to various families free of cost. So, the government of Pakistan keeps on introducing subsidies on solar plate prices that can help you get panels at low prices.

Tips for Choosing Solar Panels in Pakistan

1). Research for Reputable Supplies

As we mentioned earlier, there are a large number of solar panel companies operating in Pakistan. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to research and select the company best suited to your needs. These needs may include generation capacity, ease of installation, and solar plate price in Pakistan.

2). Checking Your Needs

Whether you are installing a solar system at your house or office, it is essential to check how much capacity you actually need. You can check this manually by estimating all the appliances you want to switch on solar. You can also consult a solar professional to give you an accurate estimate.

3). Negotiating Terms and Prices

Due to the high competition among solar panel companies in Pakistan, they offer competitive prices. As the solar system is a huge investment, there is always a margin of negotiation with the stakeholders. Therefore, discuss with them and make prices and terms more convenient for you.


To sum up, solar plate price in Pakistan is dynamic and vary based on external and internal factors. The need for solar panels is constantly rising, and it can really help you cut your electricity costs. You can use all the above information before buying a solar panel in Pakistan. It will help you a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price of solar plates in Pakistan?

Currently, different brands are offering different per-watt prices. Usually, it is varying between PKR42 to PKR45. For more information, you can check the websites of relevant companies.

What happens if there is no sunlight for a few days?

Solar panels generate electricity through the sun’s light, which reaches the earth. Even if there is no sun for a few days due to cloudy weather, the solar panels will keep on generating electricity due to the light coming from the sun.

Where should I buy solar panels in Lahore?

There are a lot of shops on Lahore Hall Road dealing with solar panels for different companies. You can visit the market, check solar plate price in Pakistan and choose the best brand for you.

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