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Blogs > 10 Marla House Design Trends: What’s Popular in Pakistan?

10 Marla House Design Trends: What’s Popular in Pakistan?

10 Marla House Design

Introduction to the 10 Marla House Design Trends

The world of construction is always evolving, as is the interior design and overall architecture of buildings. Different people have different tastes, and they prefer a 10 Marla house design. Moreover, 10 Marla is considered an auspicious space in Pakistan, giving you multiple design options.

In this comprehensive blog, we will first explore the concept of marla in Pakistan and then discover multiple options for a 10-marla house design. Therefore, if you have a plot of ten marla and are looking for a viable design option, you must read this blog. By the end, we’re sure you will have a clear picture in your mind about your new house.

Let’s start the blog and help you get the best idea so that you can start your construction process.

Understanding the Concept of Marla in Pakistan

Marla is one of the major units used in Pakistan to calculate the total land measurement. The history of marla dates back to the Mughal era, when it was first used on the subcontinent. Nearly the whole country, builders, real-estate people, and the common man use this marla unit to calculate the area of their space.

Contemporary Influences on 10 Marla House Design

The overall landscape in Pakistan regarding house construction is quite dynamic. We can see all the different styles, especially in the 10 Marla house designs. Some people prefer to build a Spanish-style house; others choose the British style, some want a minimalist design with local Pakistani cultural innovation and many others. Therefore, knowing your preferences first is important before making an informed choice.

Popular Architectural Styles for 10 Marla House Design

Modern Minimalist Designs

  • In this simple design, clean lines and open areas keep the overall design simple and wide.
  • People who love this design prefer incorporating neutral color palettes and simple finishes.
  • The overall design allows natural light to pass through the house from all sides.

Traditional Pakistani Architectural Influences

Many people don’t go for the latest trends but prefer traditional Pakistani cultural design. It has the following elements in it:

  • On the outer side, jharokas and jaalis are used to give a traditional view.
  • At every appropriate space, proper ventilation must be used while maintaining privacy.
  • Traditional bricks, wood styles, and marble were used throughout the building.

A Fusion of Eastern and Western Styles

This category is for those people who love the latest 10 marla house designs like the ones in Europe:

  • Use modern elegance with a combination of the latest material that looks amazing.
  • Take Western cultural architectural ideas and incorporate them into the building.
  • Keep all the rooms with different styles to give a Western look.

Interior Design Trends For 10 Marla House Design

Open Floor Plans

  • In an open-floor design, there are fewer walls, such as between the kitchen and lounge, ensuring smooth transitions and a wide appearance.
  • An open floor plan also ensures easy interaction due to its flexible design.
  • Each square meter is efficiently consumed to make the overall look broader and open.

Integration of Smart Home Technology

  • Smart home technology means implementing an automatic lighting system, security protocols, and temperature control sensors throughout the house.
  • It prioritizes energy efficiency while using low voltage but more lighting equipment.
  • People nowadays are using voice activation as well to perform various tasks.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Features

Modern 10 Marla house design options also use sustainable and environmentally friendly features to save energy and protect the environment. The following methods are best for this practice:

  • Using materials that are friendly regarding the environment and also the construction techniques.
  • Use energy-saving lighting equipment like bulbs, ceiling lights, and other items.
  • Solar energy is used to generate the required energy for the house.

Exterior Trends for 10 Marla House Designs

Elegant Facades and Landscaping

  • Attractive facade designs emphasize curb appeal.
  • Gardens, paths, and water features are all included in the landscaping.
  • For durability and strength, use high-quality construction material.

Emphasis on Outdoor Living Spaces

  • Create useful outdoor areas for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Pergola, patio, and outdoor kitchen installation.
  • Greenery and natural features are used to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Incorporation of Energy-Efficient Materials

  • Insulate your walls and roofs to increase thermal performance.
  • Putting in energy-efficient doors and windows.
  • Including wind turbines and solar panels, among other sustainable energy sources.

Cost Elements and Budgetary Advice

Some of the expenses involved in developing a 10-marla house design include the acquisition of land, building supplies, labor, and architectural fees. To maximize the budget, it is imperative to rank needs, look into less expensive options, and appoint qualified quality assurance staff.

Problems with and Fixes for a 10-Marla House

Zoning regulations, structural restrictions, and space restrictions are only a few of the challenges in building a 10-marla house. However, you can overcome these obstacles with creative ideas like vertical extensions, clever storage solutions, and effective space design.

Future Forecast: Emerging Trends

Looking ahead, Pakistan’s 10 Marla house design is positioned for innovation and sustainability. Future trends that place a greater emphasis on eco-conscious practices, technological integration, and individualized experiences are projected to redefine the concept of modern living.


Lastly, the development of Pakistani 10 Marla house design patterns shows a well-balanced fusion of modernism and heritage. Modern conveniences might be included in the design of a dream home, or homeowners can adhere to traditional architectural principles. People who keep abreast of current developments and incorporate sustainable techniques into their homes can help to create a greener future.


How can I incorporate current design features into a 10-Marla house?

You may bring contemporary to your 10 Marla house design by using clean lines, minimalist decor, and smart home technologies.

Are there any specific regulations to follow when designing a home in Pakistan?

To maintain compliance and safety, it is critical to follow local building rules, zoning regulations, and environmental requirements.

What creative ways to make the most of space in a 10 Marla home?

Consider multifunctional furniture, vertical storage solutions, and open floor patterns to maximize space use.

How do cultural preferences influence home design in Pakistan?

Cultural preferences impact house design through aspects such as traditional motifs, materials, and spatial configurations that align with local conventions and lifestyles.

Can I hire an architect to make changes to my 10-Marla house design?

Absolutely! Hiring a trained architect may help you transform your concept into a functional and visually beautiful design that meets your requirements and preferences.

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