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Waterproofing – Tips and Techniques


Seepage is one of the significant issues faced by civil structures nowadays. It poses a large number of threats to buildings, ultimately deteriorating the overall structure and look. The seepage is also responsible for causing multiple diseases like skin problems, asthma and allergies. So in such a situation, we have the best solution, waterproofing, to counter this problem.

Through this process, we do proper treatment to control the water content in walls and other parts of the building. Here you can read our detailed article about the waterproofing treatment. On this page, you will find some of the top tips and techniques for waterproofing.

Top Ten Tips and Techniques for Waterproofing

Here we will list the most authentic tips and techniques you must remember while doing the waterproofing treatment.

1. Choose the Right Waterproofing Product

Many different types of waterproofing products are available, such as coatings, membranes, and sealants. Always select the product that is according to your task and application.

2. Prepare the Surface

Before applying any waterproofing product, make sure that the surface is clean and free from dirt, dust, and debris.  Any impurity on the surface can lower the quality of the waterproofing treatment.

3. Repair Damage or Cracks

If the surface is not clear, it’s vital to repair it before applying any waterproofing product. This will ensure that the proper waterproofing treatment with extreme effectiveness.

4. Apply the Product According to Instructions

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when applying the waterproofing product to apply the right product at the right place.

5. Apply Multiple Coats

For added protection, consider applying multiple coats of the waterproofing product. This will add up the protection layer and make the surface completely sealed.

6. Allow for Proper Curing Time

Ensure the waterproofing product is adequately cured before exposing it to water. This will help to make sure that the product has fully adjusted to the surface and is entirely waterproofed.

7. Consider Using a Waterproofing Primer

If you’re working with a particularly porous surface, such as concrete, consider using a waterproofing primer before applying the waterproofing product. It will make the product’s adherence to the surface better.

8. Use a Brush or Roller to Apply the Product

When applying the waterproofing product, using a brush or roller is best. This will ensure that the product is applied evenly and thoroughly.

9. Pay Attention to Seams and Joints

Seams and joints are areas where water can easily penetrate. Make sure to pay special attention to these areas when applying the waterproofing product, and apply extra product if necessary.

10. Maintain the Surface

Once the waterproofing treatment is applied, it’s important to maintain the surface to make sure that it remains waterproof. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to sort out any type of issue.


We are hopeful that by following these tips and techniques, you will get the best results out of waterproofing. Once you do this treatment in your house, you will get rid of all kinds of severe issues like seepage and leakage.

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