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An Overview of Skirting and its Installation Procedure


Cleaning the floor makes it look tidy and beautiful and helps prevent stains from forming on the walls and carpet. With neglect, the lower parts of the walls start to show marks that detract from the home’s beauty and damage the plaster on the walls. Therefore, it is important to regularly clean the floor to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the house. To prevent this problem, we use the skirting process so that not only do we save the walls from damage but also maintain their beauty.

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This article will explain what Skirting is, how it is done, and which materials are best suited for it. If you learn all of this, you can save your walls from damage and enhance their beauty.


What is Skirting?

After the completion of any building, we do floor tiling on the lower parts of the walls along with the floor for finishing purposes. This process is called Skirting. It protects the walls from all types of damage caused by cleaning equipment such as mops or vacuum cleaners so that your walls do not get stained and the surface of the walls does not get damaged.

Different Types of Skirting

There are different types of Skirting which are common nowadays. The most prevalent ones are tile, marble, vinyl and wooden Skirting. These different types are available in a range of styles to match your preferences and aesthetics.

However, the purpose remains the same: to protect your walls from damage caused by floor cleaning and prevent any stains from transferring onto your walls.

Essential Points to Consider While Buying Tiles for Skirting

  • If you are buying tiles , make sure that the right angle of the tile is correct; otherwise, it will look bad after installation.
  • Always buy premium-grade tiles from the shopkeeper.
  • In addition, when buying any material, pay special attention to its size, design pattern, and quality.

Why Skirting Material Develops Empty Spaces or Gets Detached?

The sub-surface can have problems in this regard, meaning that the cement or bonding material you are using may be of low quality or have expired, causing the material to become loose. In addition, there could be issues with the tiles’ quality.

Another major problem could be with the laying process. The bonding material underneath the tile or Skirting may have needed to be uniformly distributed. It will result in a weak hold and eventual detachment of the tiles.

How to Carry Out Skirting Process?

  • When it comes to height, it should be between 4 to 6 inches.
  • It can be done in larger sizes, but it may not look beautiful. 
  • Before doing Skirting, remember to dry lay whether you are installing tile, vinyl, or wood skirting. Dry laying will not only give you an accurate size, but it will also match your material’s pattern and design, so it’s essential.
  • Additionally, dry laying helps you adjust cut pieces to less visible areas.
  • Now, when it comes to installation, make sure your bonding material is uniformly distributed so there are no gaps under the tile, etc.
  • To achieve this, use a notched trowel to spread your bonding material like frosting, then use a rubber hammer to ensure that there are no air voids and that the tile grout is evenly distributed.
  • A V-shaped edge is used for a smooth finish on the Skirting’s remaining levels.

Few Precautionary Measures During Skirting

  • Get this installed by a professional person.
  • Ensure that all the tools used are of good quality. So that the cutting is precise and the tile or any other material does not have an irregular shape after cutting.
  • Also, avoid installing this on the door frame.

Pros and Cons of Skirting


  • Your walls become safe from any stains.
  • Compared to wooden Skirting, tile skirting is more beneficial because it does not require polishing. You need to wipe it, and its shine comes back.
  • It is also handy for decorating the rest of the house.


  • The walls will have stains, and the walls will start to get damaged from below. 
  • Refraining from installing Skirting can lead to losing the beauty of a well-built house.

Closing Remarks

So, we have provided you with a brief overview of Skirting, which can help you carry out this process effectively. Still, if you have anything to ask about Skirting or any other construction-related process, you are always welcome to contact us through our website, tameereasy.

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