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Building Processes > Domestic Gas Supply System – Installation Procedure and Safety Precautions

Domestic Gas Supply System – Installation Procedure and Safety Precautions


You must have heard about the blasts in houses and building due to the gas leakage. Sometimes it happens due to the cylinder blast and sometimes due to natural gas issues. The problem is that gas is a basic need without which many home tasks remain incomplete. So it automatically becomes mandatory to install the best gas supply system to avoid any kind of technical fault.

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We are exclusively writing this article to let you know about all technicalities involved in the domestic gas supply system. By following these instructions, you cannot only install the pipelines in the most secure way but also can track them to spot any issues in them. Just scroll down the page to get all the key information related to this topic.

Domestic gas supply system

What is Domestic Gas Supply System?

We often use cylinders or natural gas at homes for heating purposes. For natural gas, a meter is installed outside your home. The network of pipelines which is used to take the gas from the meter to different points in a building is called the domestic gas supply system.

Importance of Pipe Selection and its Types

The pipe selection plays an important role in making the overall system safe and secure for usage. So it is necessary for you to know all about its types so that you can make a good decision as per your need. Here are the major types of gas pipes:

Galvanized Steel

These pipes are made of galvanized steel and are thought to be highly energy efficient and durable. The problem is that they are quite a labour costly due to which many people do not prefer this type.

Flexible Corrugated Steel

This type is generally used indoors and has quite an easy installation procedure. Due to its flexible nature, it has very less risk of damage which is why it is often preferred.

Black Iron Pipes

This type of pipe is used in both interior and exterior and due to its material, it resists the overall heat, minimizing the damage risks. With time, black iron pipes develop a seal which keeps them safe from rust.


They are generally used for exterior purposes, especially for concealed underground work. These pipes are vulnerable to damage that’s why they are wrapped.

Few Important Points to Keep in Mind During Pipe Installation

  • Always hire the services of a professional to install a domestic gas supply system.
  • Always make sure that connections of pipes are proper and there is no leakage at these sensitive points.
  • Keep good maintenance of pipes like addressing issues of rusting.

Crucial Safety Measures to Avoid any Mishap

  1. Make sure to install a regulator with the gas meter to avoid overflow of gas in the pipelines.
  2. Keep all the gas pipelines near the appliances exposed and ventilated.
  1. Do not use the heater in the room overnight. If you need to do this, use a heater having sensors so that they get trip in case of no gas supply.
  1. Always use a good-quality stove and take good care of its maintenance. In case of any smell in the house, act promptly. There are alarms available in the market which are installed on BMS Valves which start ringing in case of less oxygen level.
  1. Never install the geyser in the bathroom.
  1. Always keep good ventilation in the kitchen to avoid gas blasts.
  1. To avoid huge mishaps in case of leakage, install a safety valve near the meter where the pressure regulator is placed.
  1. Last but not the least, always follow security standards and do not compromise on quality to save money.

What is Burner Management System (BMS)?

Burner Management System (BMS) is very useful because it automatically keeps on monitoring different gas-related equipment like safety valves. It also controls them and prevents any kind of unwanted situation.

Why Gas Pipes are Kept Exposed?

The major benefit of keeping the gas pipelines exposed is that in case of any leakage, you can easily spot the point and get it repaired. In this way, you can secure yourself from a disaster.

How to Resolve Low-Pressure Gas in Winter?

The best solution to resolve this issue is to clean the pipes regularly. For this purpose, we can use the flushing method. The gas pipelines are flushed using a compressor from the compressor point near the safety valve. Air or water fluids are used to flush pipes which ultimately cleans them all together.

Alternative of Natural Gas

LPG cylinders are used as alternatives to natural gas but they are not energy efficient. Vaporizers are available in the market which can enhance their efficiency by converting the vapours into gas.

Key Point: The use of compressors or pumps to increase the gas pressure is an illegal activity and can also cause serious threats in case of leakage.


In a nutshell, we can say that the domestic gas supply system has immense importance for your house and building. In this article, we have tried to tell you about the different types and installation procedures of the gas system. You can follow these instructions to get the ideal system. If you still have questions and want to know more about the domestic gas supply system, you can contact us through our website tameereasy.com.

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