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The Significance of DPC in Quality Construction

Have you ever questioned the source of the sudden wetness in the walls? When your home’s paint starts to peel off, the walls get chalky, and even the plaster crumbles. All Pakistani homes were affected by these issues. Construction projects often require a lot of planning, but one key component often overlooked is the importance […]

An Overview of Lintels & Projections – How to Use in House-Making

Lintels and Projections are extensively used above the windows and doors to protect them from rainy water and other unwanted seasonal changes. Everyone wants to design their houses through Lintels, but it has been seen that they often get eroded by the rainwater, ultimately dislocating them from their original place. Visit TameerEasy Store to Purchase […]

What is a Concrete Slab and Why is it Crucial for Quality Building?

The process of putting a concrete slab or lintel while building a house or a building is very tough and the most important part of the construction. Every builder or architect pays more attention to this crucial part during construction. The element of your worry at this step is eliminated when your roof or lintel […]

Few Pointers to Help You Comprehend The Installation of Floor Tiles

Floor tiling in a building project denotes the installation of tiles for the home’s final finishing. Your entire house will appear great if the tiles are lovely. The strength of the tiles will boost the floor’s resilience. Along with choosing the best tiles, it is crucial to understand how to install them and what to […]

Termite – A Dangerous Problem That Will Ruin Your Construction

Everyone wants to build a strong and good-looking building or house because it’s the most common and desired dream that every person has, and for builders to develop a great business on the construction side. But what will you feel when you hear that after spending a lot more money and time your construction has […]


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