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Chairman WAPDA Visits Mohmand Dam Project, Emphasizes Timely Completion

Dasu Hydropower Project

Engineer Lieutenant General Sajjad Ghani (retired), chairman of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), recently travelled to several important locations associated with the Mohmand Dam Project. One of these locations was the Swat River flow diversion plan, which will be finished during the upcoming low-flow season.

Chairman WAPDA carefully evaluated the state of the construction activities during his visit. He focused on crucial tasks like the inlet portal’s excavation and strengthening. The diversion tunnels’ concrete lining and the spillway’s top stilling basin’s concrete work.

The chairman emphasised the need to intensify efforts to reroute the Swat River as planned during the upcoming low-flow season. He encouraged the contractors to take all necessary procedures to secure the important building sites. Particularly the diversion tunnels during the high-flow season to limit the potential negative effects of floods on the project.

The chairman also instructed the contractors to speed up their work linked to the main dam’s availability and stockpiling of rock-fill materials. He also asked the project team to shorten the project’s completion dates.

Across the Swat River in the Mohmand District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, construction of the WAPDA-managed Mohmand Dam Project is currently underway. This project’s primary goals include creating clean, economical hydroelectric power, flood control, water supply to Peshawar for urban usage, and agricultural water storage.

In 2026 or 2027, the project is anticipated to be completed. By holding 1.29 million acre-feet (MAF) of water, the Mohmand Dam will enable the irrigation of 160,000 acres of land.

Additionally, the project will have an 800 MW power capacity and produce 2.86 billion units of electricity annually. Additionally, Peshawar will receive 300 million gallons of drinking water daily from it.

The Mohmand Dam Project is anticipated to provide benefits totalling Rs. 51.6 billion annually.

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