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Chief Secretary Launches Crackdown on Polluters to Fight Smog in Lahore

Lahore Development Authority (LDA)

Chief Secretary Zahid Akhtar Zaman has ordered deputy commissioners (DCs) to take swift and severe action against polluters to tackle the increasing pollution levels in Lahore. This important directive was delivered During a significant meeting on Thursday at the Civil Secretariat. The senior members of the Board of Revenue, department secretaries, divisional commissioners, and DCs participated in the meeting via a virtual link.

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Chief Secretary Zaman emphasized the gravity of the situation and the need for decisive action against the main causes of air pollution. These consist of vehicle pollution, industrial pollutants, and stubble burning. The chief secretary ordered the formation of dedicated anti-smog teams in important cities, including Lahore, Sheikhupura, Gujranwala, and Sialkot, to ensure efficient execution. The goal is to combat smog’s causes aggressively and aim toward a more pristine and healthy environment.

Chief Secretary Zaman emphasized the importance of preemptive action to Fight smog. He emphasized the need for responsibility redistribution across several departments to improve cooperation and effectiveness in the fight against pollution.

Chief Secretary Zaman asked all departments to band together in the fight against smog, highlighting the importance of cooperative efforts. He emphasized that reducing environmental degradation is a service to humanity and calls for all parties’ cooperation.

The need for fixing infrastructural issues also discussed at the meeting. Chief Secretary Zaman advised the DCs to prioritize building new restrooms for travelers at gas stations along roads. This action fits with the government’s continuous initiatives to enhance public amenities that are necessary.

Plans for establishing specialized checkpoints in Lahore to keep an eye on vehicles that release smoke were proposed by officials. In a novel move, nocturnal monitoring using drone cameras with thermal sensors is also in process to enforce pollution requirements.

Brick Kilns

The officials also stressed a vital prerequisite for brick kiln operation. Only those known for their environmentally beneficial methods, such as the zigzag technique, will be allowed to work. This is consistent with the pledge to implement sustainable techniques to reduce pollution.

Chief Secretary Zaman’s proactive approach and detailed plan highlight the government’s commitment to addressing this environmental crisis as the prospect of pollution looms big over Lahore. The objective is to provide cleaner air and a healthier future for all citizens via focused efforts and cooperative activities.

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