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Islamabad to Witness Development Projects Worth PKR 10 Billion

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The Capital Development Authority (CDA) recently announced its intention to begin several substantial Major Development projects. They are worth a combined PKR 10 billion in the rural districts of Islamabad. The CDA Engineering Wing started the procedure by inviting construction businesses to submit bids for the first phase, which consists of 17 projects totalling PKR 2.8 billion, according to a major media story from May 9.

According to Tahir Mahmood, the director of work at CDA, the local department of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) enlisted to help identify the highways, towns, and regions needing urgent care. He said the tendering procedure has started, and the project proposals (PC-1) have already prepared. In three months, the CDA hopes to finish these 17 projects.

Road Construction Projects

  1. Shah Allah Ditta Road degradation and repair cost is PKR 380 million.
  2. Budgeted at PKR 144 million, Main Golra Road rehabilitation.
  3. Jodh and Sarai Kharboza Road improvement and restoration will cost PKR 135 million.
  4. With a total expenditure of PKR 130 million, roads in Golra, Sangjani, and other places will be rehabilitated.
  5. Costing PKR 120 million, the Simly Dam Road, Sewer, and Jandghand Roads.
  6. An estimated PKR 141 million for road rehabilitation in Mandla, Bari Imam, Banigala, Gokina, and Sanjalian.
  7. With a budget of PKR 160 million, Phulgran, Sakreela, and Member Roads.
  8. The cost of building the internal roads in Malpur and Bhara Kahu and the road from Naiabadi to Huzaifa Town is PKR 151 million.
  9. Sihala Japan Road’s rehabilitation and additional plans for Golra Mast, Khana, and other rural communities.

Launching theseMajor Development Projects construction initiatives represents a significant advancement in Islamabad’s rural areas. The CDA’s initiatives seek to improve these areas’ connections, infrastructure, and general living standards to benefit the local community and foster sustainable growth.

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