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Lahore Set to Commence Construction of New Road and Flyover for Central Business District

Two Story Underpass

An exciting development for Lahore’s urban infrastructure is that plans are being made to build a brand-new, 300-foot-wide major road. The route will connect Walton and Ferozepur Road and have a strategically placed flyover to cross railroad tracks.

This will create a crucial connection to the city’s thriving Gulberg core business district. The project will start by the end of this month and finish in four months.

The Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA), formerly known as the Lahore Central Business District Development Authority, ensures the project’s smooth execution. The project, also known as the “CBD Square Boulevard,” has been praised as a distinctive undertaking. A critical element of Pakistan’s first attempt at a business district as well.

The CEO of PCBDDA, Mr Amin, revealed the key aspects of the project and how the road’s proposed location connects to the recently finished CBD underpass at Kalma Chowk.

Once the boulevard building is complete, drivers will have easy access to the CBD via the Kalma Chowk underpass, the designated blue lane, and the CBD underpass. It ends where plant nurseries once flourished.

The PCBDDA CEO stated that the authority would finance the project on its financial means. Independent of the provincial or parent departments.

He also revealed that slip roads will enable access to the Falcon Housing Society, Askari-V, Gulab Devi Hospital, and Ferozepur Road. Before joining Ferozepur Road, the road will also use a flyover to cross the railroad tracks.

After this project, Mr Amin stated. “Motorists seeking access to Walton Road and various phases of DHA will prefer utilising this new road, alleviating the traffic burden on Ali Zeb Road and Ferozepur Road.”

In response to a question, Mr Amin revealed that tall buildings would line the road on either side. A feature that would distinguish the commercial sector. The CBD has two districts: Quaid District and Bab District.

The former covers the land area between Kalma Chowk and the proposed flyover’s starting site. While the latter extends from the flyover’s ending point to Walton Road (Bab-e-Pakistan).

It also includes streets, pedestrian-only zones, residential and commercial areas, malls, shopping complexes, parking garages, apartment buildings, and towering high-rises.

After the entire CBD project, Mr Amin firmly predicted that Lahore would develop into a cutting-edge, global city. It includes the recently finished new Kalma Chowk underpasses and road remodelling.

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