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LDA’s Swift Action: 23 Shops Evacuated, Illegal Constructions Demolished

Lahore Development Authority (LDA)

On Wednesday, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) took immediate action by evicting 23 shops from illegal possession. They demolished illicit buildings throughout the city, including a plaza and other shops.

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As Commissioner Lahore and DG LDA Muhammad Ali Randhawa ordered. Dedicated teams carried out operations against the encroachment syndicate and illegal commercialization and building activities scattered throughout various city sectors.

The troops successfully removed 23 important Tezab Market and Do-Morya Pull stores as part of their operation. And regained legal ownership of the buildings.

The Town Planning IV sector carried out activities in many locations concurrently, organizing the destruction of numerous illegal construction commercial properties.

The LDA personnel observed the partial destruction of an illegal construction commercial plaza in Sunny Park. The demolition of a building at Plot No. 323 Iqbal Avenue, and the destruction of a commercial hall in Jaffar Town. Architect Society and other unlawful businesses in B Block were also shut down.

The area around LDA Avenue and Abdul Sattar Edhi Road was also the raid’s target and there, unlawful buildings were carefully taken down.

Waseem Zafar, Director Housing II, and Ali Nusrat, Director Town Planning IV, worked closely with Additional DG Housing Captain (R) Shahmeer Iqbal to plan and carry out the operation.

The project required a significant deployment of police officers, equipment, and LDA enforcement workers. Additionally, traffic police, district administration, and civil defence officials at the scene supported the operation.

Muhammad Ali Randhawa, Commissioner Lahore and DG LDA, clarified that encroachments on public property do not have any legal authority.

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