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Samanabad-Gulshan Ravi Underpass Set to Open on July 31

Shahdara Chowk Flyover

Officials have stated that the Samanabad-Gulshan Ravi underpass set to open to traffic by July 31. The project is finishing two months earlier than its planned target of September 30. Despite minor delays brought on by rain, the relocation of significant sewer lines, and other services.

According to Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa, the project’s construction work started in December of last year with a September 30 deadline for completion. However, the government wants to complete it quickly, which motivates these efforts.

Rs. 18318 billion project is distinctive in saving a sizeable number of mature trees without incurring additional costs by altering the design.

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The 440-meter-long subway connects Samanabad and Gulshan Ravi (from Samanabad Mor/Multan Road), 220 metres on each side. With a 12.3-metre width and 5.1-metre height, it offers enough room for the passage of large vehicles.

The underpass comprises four service lanes with a combined width of 6.6 metres (two metres on either side). The project also entails transferring services connected to the Water and Sanitation Agency, including electrical, drainage, and trunk sewer construction.

The locations that will benefit from the subway include Samanabad, Gulshan Ravi, Tauheed Park, Yateem Khana, and surrounding districts. The project will ensure annual fuel savings of Rs45.34 million, vehicle operating costs savings of Rs68.63 million, and travel time savings of Rs35.80 million.

This project involved shifting a sizable amount of sewerage and water supply networks, including 550 metres of trunk sewer (54 inches and 48 inches in diameter), 800 metres of water supply lines (18 inches, 12-inches and 6-inches in diameter), 12 inches, 4-inches and 2-inches in diameter Sui gas network/pipelines and 900 metres of Lesco network (poles, cables, transformers, etc.).

The work was done in stages to guarantee smooth traffic flow, with just one side taken up at a time. While the project completed in heavily populated regions along Multan Road.

Seventy-eight trees have preserved by meticulous technical design revision without additional financial costs. Thanks to temporary diversion network arrangements and unique pumping arrangements at trunk sewers. The project provided uninterrupted water supply and sewage flow to heavily inhabited regions during the relocation process.

Multan Road traffic flow was not hampered during the underpass construction, and numerous finishing tasks, such as wall plastering, asphalt layering, at-grade lane separation, barrier wall building and other sewage and service road works, are still in progress.

Establishing a special camp for land acquisition-affected parties at the location will make it easier to pay out compensation. Authorities aim to finish the project two months ahead of schedule despite the difficulties and challenging execution conditions.

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