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Saving Millions: Pakistan Railways’ Solar Power Transition

Solar Power

Lahore: Pakistan Railways (PR) is beginning a thorough transition to solar power for its complete network of field operations to prevent escalating costs and minimize financial losses. Stations, offices, 2workshops, and factories fall under this category.

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The department’s initial phase involves converting 99 operating units to solar power. It includes significant railway stations, nine divisional headquarters, and several other key offices. Significant cost savings, estimated at Rs1.8 billion for the first phase alone, are anticipated due to this strategic approach. The transition will expand in subsequent phases to encompass more stations, offices, and facilities.

In addition, PR management has established a rule forbidding its employees from using air conditioning (AC) before 11 a.m. every day in response to the ongoing energy crisis and rising electricity costs.

The first phase will concentrate on 99 specified areas, where a solar power capacity of 33.326 megawatts will be developed. He emphasized the necessity of finishing the project on schedule, with zero tolerance for delays.

“PR and Nespak have appointed focal persons to ensure effective coordination,” he continued.

A briefing on the effort to restore track machines was also given to conference attendees.

The steering committees in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) project had already met with the Chairman. He asked these committees to ensure all equipment, parts, and components were registered in the ERP system. Additionally, he gave the appropriate officers stern orders to uphold the policy of starting AC operation at 11 am.

Shahid Aziz, the CEO of PR, then prohibited air conditioners by all officers each day before 11 am when presiding over a meeting.

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