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Significant Progress in Dasu Hydropower Project as Land Acquisition Concludes

Dasu Hydropower Project

GILGIT/LAHORE: Retired Lt Gen Sajjad Ghani, the Chairman of Wapda, declared on Tuesday that the Dasu hydropower project would significantly improve the momentum of building efforts. This quickening comes after the long-delayed land purchase procedure was essentially finished.

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During an inspection visit, he praised the project management’s unshakable commitment. And recognition of the province’s and the district administration’s significant help in successfully addressing the land acquisition difficulty. The Chairman thoroughly toured the project’s starter dam and underground power plant.

Project administrators briefed the Wapda Chairman. The river diversion system maintained top performance even during high water flow.

Implementing a temporary remedy, opening a 1.3 km left bank flushing tunnel, was a significant development last week. This tactical move intended to streamline the dam excavation on the left bank by rerouting traffic away. The intake structure, power house, tail race tunnel, surge chamber, and transformers cavern are among the critical areas for digging.

The majestic Dasu hydropower project, with a total installed capacity of 4320MW, is being completed in two phases. The present focus is the first phase, which comprises constructing a 2,160MW power-producing facility. It will start producing and adding energy to the national grid in 2026.

The Wapda Chairman directed the project team to meet the deadline of November for finishing river diversion phase 1.

The Dasu hydropower project’s achievements and the Diamer-Basha dam’s forward-thinking development underline Wapda’s commitment to guiding Pakistan toward energy independence and sustainable growth.

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