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LDA Implements New Document Guidelines for Possession Orders in Lahore


According to news reported on May 10, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has mandated that applicants seeking a guidelines for possession order provide particular papers with their applications at the LDA One Window Cell.

The following are a few of the documents needed for a possession order:

  • Two approved, authenticated pictures
  • Authenticated photocopy of a valid ID
  • Letters of allocation or exemption
  • The Sale Agreement Exemption Agreement’s most recent certified copy
  • A replica of the franchise ownership letter
  • Three certified thumb rings, along with sample signatures
  • Applicant’s biometrics

To prevent processing delays, applicants must thoroughly study the required documents before submitting their requests for possession orders. The authority may reject the application if any documents are missing.

The above mentioned rules are implemented to speed up the application process and ensure that only valid guidelines for Possession claims are handled. The LDA One Window Cell is committed to providing effective services to the general public and ensuring that all applications are processed swiftly and openly.

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